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Six Pillars

Six Pillars of Guidance for the Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce

These principles will guide the focus and decision making of the Chamber

You Can’t Move Forward Without a Plan!

The Six Pillars Guide Decision Making

Each year the Chamber Board reviews the Pillars to ensure they stay focused on the right things.  The Pillars are high-level initiatives and as we review issues they should support one of the Pillars.


HREDC is a community model for delivering economic development services. The Chamber has partnered with the Town of Hinton, local businesses, citizens at large and the Provincial and Federal Governments to finalize a strategy and then to manage the implementation of that plan.


Businesses contribute in significant ways to the success of our community. It is important that those successes be recognized. From the Business Awards Gala where we celebrate excellence in business, to the Building Better Communities Together initiative, the Chamber is active in promoting and celebrating all the wonderful things that businesses do in the community.


To maintain success, businesses need to continue to change, improve and focus on their customers. The Chamber has made it a priority to coordinate training and networking opportunities that support businesses in their pursuit of excellence.


Like most smaller communities, Hinton struggles with getting their citizens to shop local. The #HintonFirst initiative is more than just a shop local program. It challenges our citizens to give the local service provider the first opportunity for their business. It then challenges those businesses to provide service selection and value that will ensure that the customer is satisfied. Shopping locally allows a community to host the best possible service level and improves the overall quality of life with businesses and citizens. “Keep your town in business by keeping your business in town.”


Many of the issues that our business community encounters are also being felt in the other communities of the region. The Chamber is focused on finding regional solutions through cooperation with other Chambers, communities or any other groups with a related focus.

Member Representation
at Municipal Meetings

The Chamber is committed to provide considered positions on issues facing our business community. To provide positive, solution-focused input, it is important to understand the issues. The Chamber attends Council meetings, Standing Committee, and other special meetings where issues of importance to the business community are being discussed. Having this background allows the Chamber to be responsive when called upon for input.

“Having a solid outline ensures consistency in decision making.”