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Robyn Frizzell


Operations Manager for McStrong Safety Services


Tell us about you and your business.

I am the Operations Manager for McStrong Safety Services. We are a family run business that offers safety services, including traffic control, security, road monitoring and many other safety support services, like COR and NSC consulting. I have been a member of the business (and the family), for the past 9 years.

What led you to become a Chamber Board Member?

I enjoy being involved in our community. Hinton is my home; it is where I choose to raise my family. I think it is important for businesses to be actively involved in their communities. The Chamber supplies a lot of great resources for businesses, and I thought it would be great organization to be involved in.

Why is being a Board Member important to you?

Being a board member brings businesses together as a collective. Businesses working together not only strengthen themselves, but also strengthen our community. It allows our community to have more opportunity for business growth and engagement from within the community. Sometimes you have to put matters in your own hands and get involved to see the changes you wish to see.

Do you have a ‘fun’ business tip you’d like to share?

Diversity will promote natural growth.
Have confidence in your business.
Be involved in not only your business but also your community. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.