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The job is good, but you need a place to live!

Diverse Housing Options

Like most smaller communities in Alberta, Hinton has more single detached houses than any other type of housing, but the community does offer options. Semi-detached/Duplex (7%); Apartments (11%); Mobile Homes (24%); and Row Housing (9%). So come for the job, and stay for the life-style, because we can put you up.

Recent data shows that the average price for a home in Hinton has fallen below the provincial average and with a median wage well above the provincial average, Hinton offers a great opportunity to families and individuals.

Realtors & Developers

Hinton hosts many developers and realtors. If you require assistance with building or purchasing property, talk to one of our professionals.

Development Opportunities

Town of Hinton

The Chamber and the Town of Hinton have worked closely to improve the experience at the development desk. Hinton is focused on creating a business friendly, customer oriented environment. If interested in development, the development will try to get to Yes.

131 Civic Centre Road, Hinton, AB T7V 2E5
Phone: 780-865-6010
Fax: 780-865-5706