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Hinton Alberta Golf Course

Hinton’s Future Plans

Embracing new residents and new business.

Hinton has planned well for the future!

There are two major plans that direct the development of the community:  

The Community Sustainability Plan (CSP) 

Citizens spent years meeting with members of the community to collect input on what the community wished to see as we evolve into an ever better community.  The CSP is a map of the Vision for our community, which sets the long-term goals and the shorter term priorities to move toward the desired outcome.  The CSP goals were intended to balance the five pillars of sustainability:

  • Culture – Culture in sustainability means identity and sense of place. Our goal is celebrating vibrant and festive communities for the expression and enhancement of a distinct identity and strong sense of place.
  • Economy – Ensuring diversity and local productivity will create a flourishing and diverse economy. This is done by creating conditions conducive to economic development and fostering communities where people want to live and do business.
  • Environment – We strive for a natural and built environment with the goal of preserving quality and naturally built environments that minimize the negative impacts of development.
  • Governance – Governance should be transparent and inclusive. Transparent, collaborative, and inclusive decision-making ensures both representation and leadership are accountable to the community.
  • Society – Creating a harmonious and inclusive society allows for the growth of communities that promote stability, diversity, and a high quality of life for all.

For more details, view the Community Sustainability Plan

The Guiding Our Community Strategic Plan (2014-17)

The strategic plan takes the longer term goals and distils those into a shorter term plan.  Council reviews that plan each year to ensure an alignment of priorities.

For more details, view the Guiding Our Community Strategic Plan

Community Profiles Provides the Data

For the data, the Town of Hinton maintains the Community Profile. If you are interested in the community, or you are thinking of moving your business to Hinton, the Community Profile will provide much of the data you will need to know. From income levels, to housing, to education levels in our community, the Profile provides the data.

For more details, view the Hinton Community Profile

“The best way to get where you are going is to understand where you have been.”