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Hinton Visitor Information Centre

Focused on excellence & supporting traveller experience!

Hinton Visitor Information Centre (and Chamber Offices) Exterior View

Tourism in Hinton is being rebranded as Explore Hinton

Explore Hinton is an initiative of the Hinton Chamber of Commerce and is being supported by the Town of Hinton through the Strategic Services and Economic Development departments.

The Explore Hinton initiative is a multi-dimensional project aimed at showcasing Hinton experiences—everything Hinton has to offer, and for everyone—to encourage locals and non-locals to get out there and (literally) Explore Hinton.

Where can you find them?

The Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Centre share a building in Hinton’s Green Square located at 309 Gregg Ave, Hinton, AB T7V 2A5. Come stop by and chat with one of our staff who can answer any travel and tourism related questions you may have about our area and province.

How to reach us?

Phone: 780-865-7000 (May-long weekend to September-long weekend)

Phone: 780-865-2777 (September to May-long)



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