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Fortis Alberta

Powering Alberta

At FortisAlberta, we deliver safe and reliable electricity service to more than 60 per cent of Alberta’s total electricity distribution network. That’s electricity to more than 600,000 residential, farm and business customers.

As the line that connects us all, we have always been here with you powering our province’s growth. As a local company, staffed by Albertans from across our service area, we are proud to preserve the heritage that has been entrusted to us to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity in one of the most beautiful, and challenging, natural environments in the world.

We work hard every day to be there for those who rely on us. It is a responsibility we inherited from the generations that came before us and we’re proud to carry it on. 


Fortis Alberta
320 - 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
T2S 2V1