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Hinton Chamber of Commerce - Canadian Steakout

Canadian Steakout

Hinton’s Local Steakhouse

Why do our steaks taste so good? Quality, Aging & Coffee

Quality: At Canadian Steakout, we only use specially selected PRIME GRADED AAA Steaks to ensure that we only serve the best quality for our guests. This beef tends to be two to three grades higher than beef that you could buy at the grocery store.

Aging: Our Prime Graded AAA Steaks are aged for minimum of 45 days – The aging process helps tenderize the beef and enhances its natural flavor

Coffee: Coffee? YES! You read that right. We add special KONA coffee to our housemade steak spice to accentuate the flavors of the steak and when cooked, the grounds will caramelize making a sweet and savory crust that seals in the moisture of the steak.


417 Gregg Avenue Hinton, Alberta, T7V 1N1